Waiting period dental insurance plans

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemenBernard Harris here and Bill Campbellfrom the Pikes Peak steeds group theAmerican corporation the federalgovernment just ended enrollment fortheir new dental and vision plan for theentire government instead of having oneprovider Delta Dental I believe there’s11 now the big problem or issue is youstill have the same things waitingperiods caps and limitations and if youwant to get both dental and visionthere’s separate ladies and gentlemenand build what do you think we can helpfolks in in these areas those of youusing track here that service endsDecember 30th and 31st if you were notenrolled if you have not enrolled underthe new program fedvip particularlymilitary people were going to be lumpedtogether with all the federal employeesand their new program called that dipand under that dip there are some 11different providers is Bonnard talkedabout and if you missed the enrollmentperiod you know you have to wait untilnovember to re-enroll for 2020 but underMayor plan there is no waiting you don’thave to wait if you need dental visioncare look at a mere plans dental plusprogram not only do you get dental andvision care at a significant discountbut you also get care practic care at avery big discount so under one of thoseeleven programs for a memory forsome little whore for example you don’tbe paying about a hundred and four or alittle more dollars per month for afamily for history dinner just for demoyes so why not take advantage of aprogram that provides you virtuallyevery service you need under dental careand our vision care for 2495 per month Istrongly encourage you to look at themayor plans dental plus program 2495 permonth no waiting period you can sign upday time and the information at thebottom of this video will show you howto do that you can go to our website ourphone numbers are on the bottom thereyou can call us as wellso take advantage of a program that onethat everyone needs digital middle and asignificant reduced rate under a mayorplans dental plus program so theirChristmas Happy New Year thank you

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